October 18, 2010

Tortellini Soup

You will not believe how easy this is!  It is always part of our Holiday buffet because everyone loves it.

Beef, chicken, turkey or ham stock
prepared tortellini in your choice of filling
frozen peas
sliced sausage or diced ham
chopped scallions
Parmesan or mozzarella cheese

Fill crock pot about half way with stock of your choice.  I like the hearty flavor of beef stock for this soup but whatever you have in your freezer will work just fine.  Cover and cook on high until broth is simmering good.  Add tortellini, peas and meat of your choice.  Cook until the tortellini are just tender.  Do NOT OVER COOK THE TORTELLINI.  It will turn to mush and be disgusting.  Yuck!  Ladel into bowls and sprinkle your choice of cheese over top.  Pass some fresh cracked pepper at the table. 


  1. What a yum soup recipe! I am always looking to "beef" up my soup recipes - and this one looks like one my boys will love (though the peas are dicey). My husband hates mushy tortellini. I have a soup recipe that I'll be posting around Halloween - and he just about balks if I put too much tortellini in. We have to make sure it's all ladelled out before it becomes leftovers! Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to try it!

  2. we love tortellini. can't wait to try this!!

  3. Do you remember the year you make this for the New Years party? Keep that in mind for this year's Christmas party.