October 22, 2010

Vegetable Soup

Another great recipe to make in your crock pot is vegetable soup.

Today a few of the kiddos are coming down with a cold.  It is cold and rainy out.  I had  a busy morning and don't feel like going to the market.  Not to mention, I still have a long to do list for this afternoon.  Allen is away and I don't like to make a big fuss about cooking when he is out of town. 

I opened the freezer and dug around for things that need to be used up.  In the crock pot went a batch of beef stock I froze up previously.  (Made with the bones left from steak grilled up this summer).  Then I put in half a block of frozen spinach left from when I made spinach rolls in August.  Corn kernels I cut off of the cob leftover from our Labor Day cook out.  Green beans from the garden that were too buggy to eat fresh.  Carrots I sliced up and froze before we went away.  Tomatoes my girl friend bought from her garden in August.  I sliced up some banana peppers I found in the fridge.  I put the lid on.  Turned the pot to high. 

Five minutes of work and my freezer is cleaner.  Best of all by five o'clock there will be a delicious pot of soup for dinner.  Did I mention how economical it is?  I will boil up some whole wheat noodles to put in the bottom of each bowl before I ladle in the soup. Most likely I will pass a bowl of Parmesan cheese to sprinkle over the top.

Voila!  How can you not love cooking in the crock pot?   


  1. Crock Pot veggie soup is one of my favorites! I really like cabbage in mine, never thought of doing noodles in the bowl though, sounds good!

  2. I love this recipe...can't imagine why the boys don't like it. Oh, well. More for us:)