November 20, 2010

Did You Ring?

Thursday morning I was pouring my coffee and Elisabeth asked for a banana.  I set her on the barstool and peeled it for her while Allen and chatted a bit.  I noted it was 7:15 and left them there to put my face on so I could get my day started.

A few minutes later one of the girls brought me my cell phone.  She reported it had rung and Uncle Tony was calling but Elisabeth hung up on him.

Being so early in the morning, I immediately began to worry about what the problem could be.  I didn't think twice about dialing my friend's number and asking what was up.  When his sleepy voice answered the phone, I explained that I was sorry I had missed his call, but it seems Ellie had hung up on him.  Tony said he thought I had called and that's why he called me.  How upset I was as realization hit home.  My little princess must have dialed his number and then hung up.  Quickly I offered my explanation, apologized profusely and told him to go back to bed.

As I walked down the hallway to reprimand the little operator, I scrolled through my call list to see how many times she rang our friends' phone.  What I discovered was she had also dialed another friends cell phone.  It was easy to understand why those two.  Both of their names start with "B" making them the first two contacts in my address book.

But what are the chances that they both live on the West coast?

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  1. dear Leave it to the Littles,

    I am always amazed at how these little ones can manage. Just today I got a text from my daughters phone (ThePrairieHen) it looked like this: xccccXCO I had to laugh when the Mama texted that it was her toddler who sent it.

    He sent his Nana hugs and kisses(almost)