November 13, 2010

An Exciting Day

Catching up... Does this post seem way out of place... it is... I am trying to catch up from a busy fall and get up some memories that I've yet to have time to save. There will be more out of place posts to follow... all in a day's work.

What makes for an exciting day around the Wachter home?

It doesn't hurt when the boys see a caravan of road repair vehicles pull up in on the road beside our house. You should have seen how quickly they got their chores done so they could run out and watch.

In fact they went so quickly, that Samuel was the only one who thought to grab a coat. Which is why he outlasted the other boys in the cool fall morning air!

For Elisabeth, it became a great day, when she was the only child to see the mail truck arrive with a package, which gave her the privilege of running out to bring it in.  That does not happen very often for the youngest of seven!
For me it was the thrill of knowing that package contained Kaitlin and Brianna's Christmas pajamas from

For you sweet readers, it might be seeing what they look like when I actually get my Christmas post up.


  1. our kids are thrilled with the package guy comes to our house!

  2. Hi, Kat~

    I am glad to know that I am not the ONLY ONE that posts things out of order. I have so many things I want to put up from different times during the year but things happen like someone taking the batteries out of the camera for the Wii remote (Kiddo), or someone forgetting where they put the USB cable to upload the pictures to the computer (Bean). LOL

    Great pictures as always, sweet lady! Your children are ADORABLE!