November 17, 2010

I Love My Pink World

Last night, I had this really stupid nightmare.  Even though I knew it was completely ridiculous, I couldn't go back to sleep.  Allen had to get up early to go to Philly and I didn't want to wake him, so I went downstairs to use the necessary room.  When I turned the light on, this was the sight that greeted me.
Can you tell a little princess lives here?  

Believe it or not, there was a time when I hated the color pink.  As a matter of fact, my older girls were never or very rarely allowed to wear the color at all.  When Emma came along, I dressed her in the pink delicacies my friends and family gave her, but I did so grudgingly.

When I was expecting Samuel I got a pink sweater set at JcPenny.  Mostly because it was one of the few things that looked good on me in my humongous state and it only came in pink.  I wore it almost everyday because it was so comfortable.
And somewhere along the line, I fell in love with the color pink.  By the time Elisabeth was born, just about every clothing item I owned was in my two favorite colors, brown and pink.

Of course, when I found out I had a little girl, one of the first things I said to Allen was how I couldn't wait to buy her lots of pink and brown frilly things.  Within a week I was teasingly grumbling about how we had been so amazingly blessed by our friends and family that I couldn't buy her any of those things because she had more clothes than she could ever wear.

So we brought Ellie home the day she was born, but not before the hospital personnel informed us that the expiration date on our car seat was past.  Did you know that car seats have an expiration date?  Neither did I, until then.

A quick stop at Walmart would take care of the problem before the car seat police revoked our parent's license.  Allen always handles purchases like car seats, cribs and buggies.  He is sensible and careful to look into all the safety factors.  I just go for the bling.  Of course, my eyes were immediately drawn to the beautiful pink and green model.  Dear hubby knew that I would have liked to have that one.  But I agreed the neutral colored one was the smart way to go in case we had any more boys.

Imagine my delight when he picked up the pink model.  There has been no looking back.  Pink cups. Pink boots.  Pink leggings.  And yes, even a pink potty.

I love my pink world!


  1. I absolutely LOVE pink.....always have, always will.

    Even a pink potty.....

  2. I'm right there with you. Before my Buttercup blessed my world, I was anti-pink. Having this beautiful child who loved, loved, loved pink has taught me to tap into my inner girly girl and now I love pink. (I'll bet you thought you were the only one!)

  3. dear You've been Pinked,

    That photo of you pg is priceless! I love looking back at mine and remembering that awesome feeling. You do look really nice in the sweater set too, no wonder you wore it a lot.

    Little Pinky-pies help color our world