November 8, 2010

Kaitlin's 19th Birthday!

November 5th dawned Kaitlin's 19th birthday.  The boys attempted to wake her with the usual balloon greeting.  Kaitlin is not exactly a morning person, though, and didn't even budge.  Never mind that they were jumping up and down on her.
They decided to go to more profitable ground and woke Elisabeth up instead.
No one could locate the pink candles we bought for her polka-dotted-heart-shaped-lemon cake, so we had to pull out all the odd ones left over from previous birthdays this year.  Fortunately, it still tasted delicious.
Sharing some sister love before Emma presented Kaitlin with her present.

Which happened to be a new hat.  As for Emma?  That's what happens when you eat too  much cake.
The big celebration of the day was dish night with pizza and a viewing of Toy Story 3.

Which happens to be a great movie, if you have not already seen it.  Moms, have your hankies handy.  It'll make you cry... especially if it happens to be your daughter's 19th birthday.

Our Kaitlin keeps the fun and adventure in life around here.  She is not afraid to try anything, whether she knows what she is doing or not.  She jumps in blindly and pulls things off with grace.

When the kids are hunkering for an adventure, she's the first to put her big boots on and head out for an explore through the woods.

This last year, it has been amazing fun, to go from being her teacher to seeing her become my coworker in home school and running the home.  Her unique way of approaching things, is such a blessing when it comes to teaching a concept one of the youngers is stuck on.

I love that Kaitlin enjoys doing tedious little tasks that would drive me NUTS!

She has a fun sense of style, matching classic and trendy to come up with something ultra-Kaitlin.

Her jewelry making hobby is a blingy blessing to all the Wachter ladies and her pie baking talents keep the men folk content.

I look forward to seeing how the Lord will lead her in this next year.

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