November 14, 2010

Problem Solver

Do you know how sometimes you think your kids never listen or hear a thing you say?  But really they are processing things and trying to come up with an answer.

Today for example, we were doing school.

Each child has a pencil box with pencils, crayons, glue stick and scissors.  The process seems so easy to me.  We get our boxes off the shelf in the morning, walk six feet to the table and do school.  At the end of the day you put everything back in the box, walk six feet to the shelf and put it back.  You always know where it is, right?

Not!  Every day someone is missing something.  A glue stick.  Scissors.  Their crayons.  Sometimes, even the entire pencil box.

This morning it was Sam's turn.  He spent a lot of time wandering around looking for his pencil box.  Which, by my theory should be no more than a six foot radius from the table where we do our lessons.  After all the time spent searching for it, I told him to borrow what he needed from his brothers.

But not without a price.  I spent a few minutes asking where did you leave it yesterday.  Where did you use it last.  Then the inevitable, "If you had put it where it belongs, you would know just where to find it."

I decided I was talking to deaf ears and gave up.  We set about our work and the missing pencil box was forgotten.  Or so I thought.  Thirty minutes later came his reply.

All of a sudden Samuel looks at me and says, "Mama, I think you should buy me a notebook."

"Why is that Samuel?"

With no humor intended at all, his little freckled face looked up at me and said, "Then I can write down where I leave things so when I forget where they are I can look and see where I left it."

No kidding.  That's what he said.

I pulled out the old tired line again, "But if you put it where it belongs, you wouldn't have to write it down because you would always know where to find it."

He looked at me as if I was the one not making any sense.  Can you imagine that?  Then he went on to explain to his brothers the brilliant plan.

Guess what?  They thought it was the smartest thing they had ever heard and could not imagine why no one else had ever thought of it before.

Go figure!

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  1. haha.. that is too funny. why of course.. write it down. then forget where the notebook is! :)