November 22, 2010

Study, Study, Study

Last Sunday the kids had their first cantata practice.  With their assignments and scripts in hand they spent much of Monday studying.
And Quizzing each other on the scripture there were supposed to memorize.
And practicing the songs they will be singing.  
Which is a good thing because us bigger people had our first final to study for.  
So we ignored pretty much all our responsibilities so we could sit around quizzing each other all day and just generally trying to cram in all that we should have been studying all weekend while we were visiting instead.

While everyone else was busy, Elisabeth found ways to occupy herself.  Like playing air hockey.
And taking bad pictures of just about everything in sight.  I deleted about a hundred from my camera card.
Although, I really liked this one.  I guess she thinks her toes are as cute as I do.
Since Uncle Frank wasn't taking the test, he stayed with the youngers while Brianna went to class with us.  When he showed up with swords made out of balloons, we knew it would be a fun evening.  I hear they had a rip roaring game of the Great States and Battle ship.
Meanwhile, we had a special treat with both our little students at class with us.


  1. Love her toe's so sweet.

  2. dear Crammin'

    Looks like a productive kind of studying to me.
    all the family learning going on in big and little ways