November 19, 2010

Turtle Soup

Emma is such a good turtle owner.  She tends to Zipper carefully and monitors his health with great care.  The other day she was reading in her turtle manual and got to a section about how to know if you are over feeding your turtle.  We all laughed at that one.  We say that Zipper eats like his owner.  A lot and with great enthusiasm.  So, she is reading and gets to the part about how to know if your turtle is over weight.  After a quick inspection she decided Zipper is, indeed, fat!  The cure is more vegetables in his diet.  Now turtles are very messy when they eat.  In order to keep from having to clean the tank more than once a week, it is recommended that anything besides pellets be given in a separate tank.  Emma got this clear plastic box and put her friend in there with some water.  Then she dropped in some grated celery and chopped carrots.  When I saw it, what else could I do but laugh?  It looked just like turtle soup.


  1. OmGosh it does look like turtle soup. I hope the turtle is enjoying his new diet :)

  2. dear Soup's on,

    goodness, what a thought. Wonder how the diet is going by now!

    Veggies (withOUT turtle)