November 5, 2010

What Is A Princess To Do...

 ...with her pink pool when summer has come to an end?
 She shares it with the Princess turtle.
 Yes, Kat, it is another critter.  Can you believe it?  In my "Pet Free"  house? 
Emma fell in love with turtles some time ago and she has been wanting one for a pet ever since.  For her birthday, in October, we took her completely by surprise and brought Zipper-squirt-dude.  No, I am not kidding that is what they call him!  Emma's gentle and caring nature toward those younger, less fortunate or less able than her has always been impressive.

Her care of this turtle is no different.  Emma and Elisabeth treat it like a princess.  In addition to the typical care (which includes a complete physical each day and filling out health care and feeding charts) they talk to it, play with it and take it out to run around the house.  They even drag Ellie's pink wading pool into the kitchen so he can really have room to swim.

All in all, a turtle has proven to be an easy and fun pet to have around.  No fur, no hair balls and he's nice and quiet.  Just the same, a mother is left to wonder, "What will be next?"


  1. LOL! I used to be the keeper of a pet-free zone, then I turned around and counted 17 pets at one time!

    Our first Buttercup's first hamster was named sheer self preservation, we started calling her "Hamsterville" and the name stuck.