November 22, 2010

When the Pa's Away

When the girls were little and Allen started travelling a lot, I used to get so lonely in the evenings.  I dreaded his time away as the thought of days on end with no adult interaction and what seemed like endless nights stretched ahead of me.

Once the girls got a little older it was easier to handle because they went to bed a little later and we would spend the evening watching a video or playing games together.  Then they would curl up in my bed for the night and keep me company for eight sleepless hours.

When we started having boys and there was a run with 3 toddlers, trips out of town became a thing I loathed once more.  Days on end with no rest from the daily routine of caring for and schooling six children was wearisome, at best.  But somehow, we worked through it and even had some victorious times of making happy memories.

While I don't jump for joy when I know Allen will be traveling, the children and I have fallen into a routine that makes it a bit more fun.

It usually involves a video.  Or two.  Or three.  Lots of games.   Reading aloud.  And NO COOKING.  Once Elisabeth came along she jumped right into the action.
And even though we can't all fit in the same bed, the kids still drag mattresses, pillows and blankets into my bedroom to keep me company.  I think they could skip the cushions.  As you see, the only thing Sam keeps up there all night are his feet.
Going to visit Mrs. Murphy in the dark takes on a dangerous undertone, as there is very little bare floor space to be seen, never mind finding it as you make the journey half asleep.  I will leave you on your own to imagine what it is like when they have a stomach bug.

The nights are still long. And we still miss our Pa. But travel days aren't quite so bad when you have 7 buddies to pass the time with.


  1. we've had our share of Daddy-less nights/weeks. so glad his nights away are fewer and far between. while none of us enjoy being daddy-less, we make the best of it also! After all, what else can you do? :)

  2. dear Makin' the best of it,

    I HEAR you here! We do not always get to travel with The Fiberglass man, and it IS lonely when he is gone. Our younger two have often came and crawled into my bed that is WAY too big for only one.

    The days and nights would be really long without these kiddleywinks