November 3, 2010

Wild and Crazy

Here I am in Boston.  The air is crisp.  The fall foliage gorgeous.  Allen is in meetings all day and has a dinner tonight.  That leaves me with hours upon hours all to myself with no firm commitments.

I brought along my material to do some studying for my upcoming final in less than two weeks... yikes!  In an email exchange with Hope this morning, I mentioned venturing out to see Harvard.  I have never been to the campus and the weather seemed fitting for it.  However, that studying was hanging over my head.  My, oh so wise, friend, suggested taking my books and heading over there to study.  She said it would set the mood.  That seemed like a fabulous idea to me.  If for no other reason, just so I could say, I studied at Harvard.  Ha!  I crack myself up.

But first for some lunch.

Now, I get nervous venturing out into strange cities alone.  I have had some bad experiences with getting lost and not being able to find my way out.  Even though Allen assures me the GPS can get me around, somehow I always end up getting lost with that thing.  I think she might have it out for me.  So I wasn't feeling altogether too confident.  Just to be safe, I asked the manager at my hotel where a good spot for lunch was.  Nearby.  He mentioned a name that I recognized at once as a place Allen likes to visit when he is here on business.  He gave me directions and I was off.  Except that between his accent and my poor sense of direction, I ended up missing it.  Even though, it was just down the street from our Marriot.

Plan B.  I plugged the name into the GPS, who informed me it was only a half mile from my current location.  Missed again.

Plan C. Starbucks.  A latte, a short drive to Harvard and what better way could one ask to spend the afternoon studying?

So here it is.  Me being Wild and Crazy!
I got a venti and had them put whipped cream on!

Back in my car, I was amazed to find my way to the campus without getting lost.  The drive through the old neighborhoods was beautiful.  It reminded me much of driving through my grandmothers old neighborhood in Bound Brook, New Jersey.  Oh, I loved it there!

Anyway, I found my way and was tickled with my navigational skills.  The only catch?  Parking was sparse, at best.  Most of the parking I could find was limited to permits.  I suppose for students and faculty to be guaranteed a spot.  I did find one spot in Harvard Square, which I quickly snagged up.
No, I did not take this photograph.  Actually, I didn't take any photos because I could not get a good vantage point from where I was located.  

With its historic buildings, this is quite a beautiful and quaint little place to hang out.  Except that I had a shortage of quarters which were the only coins the meters would read.  I was so eager to get out and explore that I was not paying any attention as I put lots of dimes and nickels into the meter.  None of them, it seems, registered.  So I didn't wander very far.  I did have a few minutes to pop in and out of some of the beautiful brick front shops.
The rest of my tour was done from the car.  The campus was so beautiful with the fallen leaves scattered about and the weather absolutely splendid, that I didn't even mind driving around in circles a few times when I was unsure where to go next.
Of course, with all that looking, exploring, and checking things out, I never did get any studying done.

Now you know why I home school.  Without 7 children at my skirt, I have no idea what to do with myself.

And I wouldn't want it any other way.


  1. Wow, you WERE wild and crazy! I think you were really adventurous to go and take that trip out to see Harvard. Good for you. :) It looks like such a quaint place.

  2. Looks like a great place! So are you going to hit Yale next?:)