November 21, 2010

You Gotta Have the Instruction Book

After dinner, on Tuesday evenings, Allen does a special Bible lesson with the kids.  There's no telling what it might be about but it always involves some fun demonstration.  We usually end up laughing pretty well before he gets to the serious part.  Last Tuesday was one of the best yet.

His current focus is on Proverbs.  This particular evening was to show the importance of studying the book of Proverbs because it is God's instruction book to us.

To bring the point home, he discretely told the girls not to help out.  Then he handed the little fellows a store bought cake mix and tub of icing, minus the instructions.  He told them to bake a cake.  Aedan and Samuel took off with gusto and starting moving about the kitchen.
After a minute or two, Aedan looked at the bag of cake mix and said, "How are we going to make a cake with just brown sugar?"  Good question.  Who cares that it wasn't brown sugar.  Samuel's excitement turned to worry as he saw visions of his treat flying out the window.  
And then a little bit of scorn towards Pa who ought to know you also need eggs and flour.
Nathaniel rushed in with the solution.  "This is the book Mama uses to make a cake."  He got my favorite cook book.  (Betty Crocker 1972 edition) and flipped to a picture of a cake.  As he began reading the ingredients the younger boys discussed which you put in first, eggs or sugar?
Allen finally took pity on them and handed over the box with the instructions while explaining that we must read the directions to be successful..
After that things progressed smoothly.  The gang stirred up a red velvet cake while Brianna explained the chemicals and additives used to make it red.
To make it more fun, Allen let each child make his own mini cake, ice and decorate it with sprinkles.
And at last they happily had their little treats.
And, hopefully, a sweeter lesson that will last a lot longer than dessert.


  1. dear The Science of Proverbs,

    We read a proverb of the day (since there is 31) every school day morning. It cycles around so we do eventually read every one even though they are not always in perfect sequence. I love how it so often goes back to Wisdom.
    Your husbands' lesson was very apt and I am sure they won't forget that!

    Life Lessons with the Littles