December 14, 2010

Big Sigh

Monday was our last FBI final of the semester.  I think we all let out a big sigh of relief.  Because of logistics, personal happenings and some tough material this semester was particularly difficult.  We rewarded 18 weeks of hard work and diligence with a fellowship full of delicious food, as only true Baptists can.  
Brianna typically babysits the youngers while we go to class.  She had to go along for her exam, too.  The little ones thought it was great fun to be part of the grown up party.
Ellie was really taken by this little angel who came with her mama for the fellowship.
We rarely have time for much visiting on class nights so it was fun to spend some time catching up on news of kids and work
 and sharing recipes
We are excited to have four students graduating this year.  But we will be sorry to see them leave our little group.  We are blessed that they will be starting a new school in their home church, and already have 16 students registered for the next semester!  Taking what we've learned and sharing with the world for God's glory is a key that our instructor stresses throughout all our classes.  Praising the Lord for these workers of the Word!
And this is my brother, Frank.  He says I will take his picture no matter what he is doing.  I think he is probably right.  For one thing, I take pictures all the time.  For another, I happen to think he is very photogenic.  There aren't many smiles like his.  But mostly, it is because I love him so much and every minute we spend together, no matter how insignificant, means the world to me.  And I don't ever want to forget it.
I always miss class when we have our vacations.  But I am looking forward to a break and a chance to turn all my attention to the fun and celebrating of the season.

Until January,

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  1. Hi Kat,

    It sounds like a celebration was in order to end a difficult semester and to praise God for seeing you all through.

    I look forward to seeing your winter pictures. Thanks for stopping by. :)