December 11, 2010

A Day in the Big Apple

Allen's company arranged a trip to New York City for Thursday.  I haven't been to NYC since Brianna was a baby and the girls were dying to go.  Since the boys and Ellie were under the age limit, Allen took the day off work to spend with them.

All the kids wanted to drive to Germantown to see us off.
 No trip is complete without a visit to Starbucks.
 The girls first sight of the big city was stopped traffic just on the other side of the tunnel.  I was beginning to get nervous.  With the bus leaving late and now traffic we were two hours behind schedule and we had theater tickets for 2:00.
God worked out all the details, though.  Even though we didn't get to our drop off until 1:30,
 He sent a helper to get us there on time.  This is Jeff.  Allen and I met him on a trip to Philly last year.  We exchanged a few emails and texts when I knew we were going to be in the city.  When he heard how late we were, he met us at Macy's to escort us through the subway to the theater.  We likely could have gotten there on our own, but we never would have made it on time.  I can hardly believe this blurry picture is the only one we took.  But then again we only saw him for a few minutes and we were moving the whole time.
 As it was we got to Radio City just in time
 to find our seats before the lights went out.
 The girls were delighted to see the Rockettes in real life.  It brought back memories for me of going to Radio City as a girl.
Our impromptu tour guide also arranged a little surprise.  A back stage tour with a friend of his, who happens to be in the show for her second season. Laurel Harris was lovely and we enjoyed chit chatting about her family and schooling.  We discovered she has relatives who live not far from us.  It is a small world.
It was fun to see all the tricks and secrets to such a big show.  Such as storing props suspended above the stage.
She taught us the secret to the Rockettes staying in perfect precision at all times.  This one is for my boys.
 The Rockettes dressing room was of special interest to the girls with all their costumes and dance shoes lined up so neatly.  Did you know they have microphones in their shoes?
With the next show getting ready to start, we had to make our leave.  But there was still lots more to see before the day was done.  
We couldn't resist popping into the Godiva store for something to keep us going.
 And then to see the Christmas tree
  and other sights at Rockefeller Center.
 The girls were eager for a walk through Times Square.
We had planned to have dinner at Rockefeller Center and then walk back to Macy's but time was getting short and we were getting cold.  We successfully made our way though the subway system to find our way back to 34th and 7th for some dinner and shopping before we had to meet our bus.
The window displays with scenes from Miracle on 34th street were fun.  
The girls loved their last view of the city before we entered the tunnel to go home.  
We wore poor Emma Rose out.  She was asleep before we had gone very far at all and stayed that way until we pulled into Germantown.
All in all, a nice way to make some festive holiday memories with my girls.  It might be a new tradition in the making.


  1. Aww...that looks like so much fun. I've never really wanted to visit NYC, but you make it look fun.

  2. Wow, that looks like a ton of fun! I feel like I would fall asleep after all that too. :)

    Merry Christmas!

  3. I have to say it all looked perfectly lovely, and what great memories to share with your 3 oldest girls. Wonderful!

  4. dear Belles in the Big City,

    Just enough for a day....and enough to make some lovely memories.

    Longing to go back someday