December 10, 2010

First Snow, Christmas Trees, And Other Fun Stuff

What a treat to wake up to the dark sky that you only see when snow is on the way.  We've had flurries almost every day since Thanksgiving, but this morning was the first covering we've had for the season.  Elisabeth was getting dressed when she heard the news and couldn't wait a minute to go out and check it out for herself.
Isn't the white fluff a beautiful back drop for all that pink fluff?  I look at this happy little face and my heart skips a beat every time.  When I was expecting my Brianna, I worried that I could never love her as much as I did my firstborn.  Now I think how silly a thought that was.  It amazes me how God allows us to experience such joy in the love of our children. Be it one or seven, love seems to boil over into a breathtaking explosion of happiness and contentment.
Some pictures Brianna took around the yard.  
It really just snowed enough to make everything look pretty and cause a lot of accidents while people made their way to work.  By the time we got home in the late afternoon, only the grassy areas were still white.  But it was still a wonderful little treat.
After their breakfast, Samuel and Elisabeth had to take a romp around the yard while the rest of us got ready to go out.  They were running around in circles giggling.  I thought of puppy dogs at play as I watched them.  Samuel was tickled that his new snow boots had arrived in yesterday's mail.  Just in time.
Now it really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  
This is the tree at our local theater.  I LOVE this tree.  It always makes me think of the line that says, "There's a tree in the grand hotel.  One in the park as well.  The sturdy kind, that doesn't mind the snow."
For more than a year, the kids have been counting down the days until the American release of the Voyage of the Dawn Treader.
I was going to make them wait until it comes out on video but Allen was sure they would blow up if they had to wait any longer.
Family time has been extremely lean lately with travel and other obligations so it was a good time to do something together anyway.
We decided on a lunch time viewing in hopes that it wouldn't be a mad house.  
We weren't disappointed, as there were only about twenty other people in the theater.
The kids enjoyed the movie.  But I didn't think it was up to the caliber of the first two, which I thought were superb.  But then again, it was the least favorite of all the books, too, so what more can you expect.
The popcorn was delicious.  What is it about movie popcorn, anyway?

If that wasn't enough fun for one day, we got to have our friends over tonight while their parents went to a Christmas party.

Did you ever notice how preschoolers always put sunglasses on upside down?  I thought it was just Elisabeth but Ella did the same exact thing.  And still she looks so stylish!
We ate pizza, read aloud and played trains.
 Then there was baking cookies.
 The little girlies played dolls, which is about as cute as life gets, if you ask me.
Some cuddles while we watched the Grinch and Charlie Brown's Christmas.
And the kids favorite part of all, the sleepover.  The little girls thought it was so exciting to all sleep in the same room.  Ella and Elisabeth were inseparable and ended up curled up together in Ellie's crib.
All in all a super fun kick off to a much needed weekend of family together.  


  1. I just saw the ads for the 3rd Narnia movie. Since it's too expensive for us to go see it at the theater we will be waiting for it to come out on dvd.

  2. Dear Family-Fun-Frolics,

    I enjoyed reading about your much needed time together. My fiberglassMan, our 3 boys, and a grandkiddleywink are on a big delivery trip to FL. We are MISSING them, and looking forward to some real-time together by Christmas weekend.

    Nothing beats family