December 20, 2010

I Can Tell When Someone's Been Reading My Blog

My friend Terri came to the Cantata on Sunday and was so excited.  She showed me a little wrapped package in her purse and said, "Kathleen, you know I wouldn't normally zero one of your kids out but I was wondering, since Elisabeth can't sing tonight and she practiced with the kids, well, would it be alright if I gave her a little gift?"

Of course it was okay.  I must say that with the glint of mischief in her eye and the laughter in her voice, even if it wasn't okay, it was going to be.  I had to know what she was up to.
Well, Ellie loves to unwrap gifts... hers or anyone else's.  It doesn't matter.  She made quick work of tearing this package open and we all let out some good laughter.  If you don't understand why, you'll need to read this post.
It was a very practical gift.  Ellie sat for the entire program putting all different types of lip balm on.  She was thrilled with the variety of sweet flavors, too.

And, at least for the time being, the rest of us are safe from the threat of chap stick contamination.  From the bottom of my mother heart, thank you Terri!

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  1. dear On the lips of the Babe,

    Perfect! Hope it lasts a little while, at least until cold and flu season are passed eh?! I remember one of my girls called it "my yip-stick".