December 18, 2010

It Shipped!

I love mail.  Any mail will do.  The Joann's flyer, a letter from a friend, or a new magazine.  But most of all I LOVE packages.

I hate to shop.  This works out well for me on all fronts.  I buy almost everything mail order.  Which means, I get a package several times a week.  I think this is contagious because my kids love packages, too.  They don't even care who they are for.  They gather up the boxes and run for the house yelling, "It shipped!"  loud enough for all the neighbors to hear.

When the UPS truck or mail man pulls into our driveway, seven squealing kids go running for the door.  At first, I thought this might have scared the poor carriers assigned to our route.  They stuck it out, though.  Over the years they have gotten used to it and now we've become friends.  When our UPS man went on vacation, the kids were beside themselves.  On the rare occasion there is no package to drop on our door step, Jodie blows the horn and waves on his way past our house.  I take this as a friendly gesture but perhaps what he is really thinking is, "Thank God I don't need to go there today."  I prefer to cling to my original thought on the topic and keep sending cookies out the door with the kids.

This time of year with Christmas shopping, anniversary shopping and birthday shopping, there are more packages than ever and rarely does a day pass without a box.  Or two.  Or three.  Sam, my mail carrier and Jodie the UPS driver are the true Santa Claus in my book.

Yes, any package is exciting and fun but the best packages of all are the surprises that arrive this time of year from friends and family out of state.  Check out the contents of this super fabulous package Sam brought on Wednesday from our friends in Seattle.
Can you tell what an amazing and thoughtful gift this is?  Oatmeal (one of our favorite breakfast foods) with a vintage looking spoon tied on, this jar of topping made with fruit, nuts and honey (decorated with a silver "W" which you can't see in the picture), hot cocoa mix and all natural marshmallows (to soothe my organic soul).  If that wasn't thoughtful and crafty enough, do you see these candy canes decorated to look like little mice?
How cute are they?!  Now this was FUN!  Lest you think we cheated, the box said to open immediately.  I can not wait to try out this delicious breakfast combo.

Tony, Carrie, Gabe and Ollie,

Thanks for a wonderful holiday treat, friends!  The photograph was my favorite of all.  We've already hung it in our hallway so we can see those beautiful faces as we pass by.  I can not get over how one of the boys looks just like Tony and one looks just like Carrie.  That was a pretty neat trick you worked out.

But what I really want to know, is how on earth do you find time to be so fun and crafty and creative with twin toddlers roaming about?

Fondly remembering our holidays together and wishing you were here with us this year.

Sending a big hug to each of you,

Allen, Kat and the gang


  1. You are so very welcome, Kathy! Carrie and I both hope that our two families will be able to get together before too long! Have a blessed Christmas and many happy wishes for the New Year to come :)

  2. dear Seasonal Surprises,

    Our kids are always on the lookout for the package trucks...UPS and FED-EX. Out here in the country, the dogs usually hear it first and set up a welcoming announcement.

    A package deal