December 22, 2010

Me and My Girl

Yesterday was Allen's annual Christmas shopping date with the children. He has been doing this since Kaitlin was a toddler. They always look forward to it and lunch at Outback Steakhouse together when they are finished.  This is the only day every year that I am home alone.  I usually use the day to get some Christmas preparations squared away, complete a project, catch up on correspondence, visit with a girl friend or spend some special time with the baby who stays behind.

Elisabeth is on the edge.  Too old to want to stay behind when everyone else is going out, but too young to skip her nap.  (Especially since her cold is still hanging on.)  She went out for the morning shopping and then met me at my hair dressing appointment to spend the afternoon with me.

Since we were out already and it was 1:30 we decided to stop for a bite of lunch.  We chose Ruby Tuesday because we LOVE their salad bar.  (Thinking about it now makes me think, hmmm that would be a good lunch.  What is it that makes their salad bar so good?)  Typically if I eat out with just one of the kids we would go to Starbucks or Chick-fil-A so it was a lot of fun just sitting and chit chatting with my girl for an hour and a half over some salad and a dish of guacamole.

Of course, I had to take a picture.  (Aunt Dawn, we are loving the plaid skirt and velor jacket you brought!)
A half blink.
And the cheesy Ellie smile.
Don't know... but I like it anyway.
Then she said she was going to take my picture.  She took one and I sneezed or blinked or something.  I said, "You better take another, that's awful!"  So she did.  

Then she said, "That's awful, I better take another one."  And here it is.
And then she said, "Take my picture with your glasses."  So I did.
And then she said, "Can I take one more?"  So she did.  But it wasn't  a very flattering picture.
But it was a very special time, just me and my girl.


  1. dear Girl-time,

    Ruby Tuesday is my favorite too....and it IS the great salad bar that does it for me.
    Your 'back-and-forth' photo snapping made ME smile too!

    When one stays behind with me (like these last 2 weeks with my KitKat)

  2. I love special days like that. One on one time is priceless.