December 4, 2010


So Elisabeth has managed to infect me with the cold she has been fighting for a month now.  If it isn't bad enough feeling lousy all day, don't you just hate when you feel too lousy to sleep?  That's where I am.  Awake with a million random thoughts wandering through my head.

On the bright side, we have a good reason to skip out on the company Christmas party tomorrow night.  Which usually involves a whole lot of alcohol and no one I have anything in common with.  The one couple who used to attend that I enjoyed visiting with, no longer work for the same company, so I was really dreading the whole thing.  Giving up a Saturday night with the family to sit around and listen to people talk about their houses and cars and work.  So not my idea of fun!  

Then there is the electronics vacuum I've been stuck in.  First my Outlook would receive mail but wouldn't send it.  Then it crashed completely.  Just when Allen got it up and working again, something went hay wire in my wireless and I couldn't connect to the internet at all.  A call to Comcast didn't solve that problem (can we say CUSTOMER SERVICE?) but you have to love the internet.  Allen found threads where people talked about similar problems and was able to fix that issue after a week.

Then my Outlook went out a second time.  This time it just kept trying to send and receive but never did either.  In the meantime my computer got hung up with the effort and couldn't do anything.  If I wasn't already frustrated enough, my cell phone died.  So then we had no way of retrieving any of our contacts or calendar information, which are pretty much what keeps this family going.  It was a lot of fun calling people up and saying, "I know we have an appointment coming up, but it just so happens, I have no idea when."  Yes, dear readers.  That sure makes a person feel like a scatterbrained idiot.

Allen replaced my cell phone with some new fangled deal that can email and blog and do all sorts of neat things, except I can not figure out to work it.  The other day, I typed an email while riding to town only to delete it before figuring out how to actually send it.  How do you like that for efficient?

So, even though we are back in the world of electronic communication once again, I've decided to return to the safe world of my Day Runner for important things such as our contacts and family calendar.  Brianna is aghast at the news and begged me not to even consider it, never mind mentioning my uncoolness in public.  Sorry, tech girl of mine, but this time Mama has to go the oh so outdated but much more reliable route.  But, I will try to keep it to myself.  (Wink ☺)

So why haven't I been around?  There you have it.  A complete breakdown in the world of electronics. By Tuesday, everything was actually up and running again, and my camera went missing.  Who can blog without a camera?  Well, I guess I can, but not the stuff I wanted to blog about... like my visit with blogging buddy Hope, our awesome Thanksgiving weekend or the surprise visitors we had this week.

And then there are those pesky finals.  We took our second one Monday night.  Which, I  must wonder how John Yates, our teacher, managed to picked the three worst dates this semester for our finals!  After the long holiday weekend and ignoring studying for fun with our company, we spent Monday morning trying to recall everything we learned this semester.  Not my favorite way to handle things, but what can you do?  Our third and last exam, happens to fall on Elisabeth's birthday and the day following another very busy five day period which includes a trip to New York, cantata rehearsals and two performances.  Despite my best intentions to study each day this week, this lousy cold has dominated most of my brain cells making retention of anything valuable about zilch.  Do you suppose it is too late to audit?  ☺

Tonight we watched Polar Express with the kids.  We don't do the Santa Claus deal with our children, and that's a post in itself, but I still love this movie.  The story isn't even that great.  After all, taking a 20 page picture book and making into a 90 minute movie, is a stretch.  However, the animation is fabulous.  The effects of the train moving up and down the hills are amazing.  Tom Hanks, as most of the characters, is so fun.  In my opinion, the whole movie was worth it just for the Hot Chocolate scene.  The Sound Track is beautiful.  And I personally LOVE the entire feel of the village in the North Pole.  And then there is the nostalgia.  This was one of the first movies we ever took Nathaniel and Aedan to see.  They were 1 and 2 at the time and they fell in love with trains.  I remember the following summer, a day when it was near a hundred degrees, taking them to the free summer show and enjoying it all over again in the dark, cool respite of the theater.  Good memories.

Note to my friend gKey.  I am so glad you stopped by.  I am sorry your email didn't work out.  Would you give it another try?  If you click the button on my side bar and send me your email address, I will send you my top secret private email address and we can give that one a spin.

Funny, all that stuff floating through my head, and now I can't remember any of it.  Lucky for you, eh?

Hopefully, over the next few days (right, who am I kidding?)  I will have time to catch up on some outdated but important things I want to record for posterity.

Until then,



  1. Welcome back! :)

    Hope your feeling better. Tis the season for electronics I guess. My phone went haywire this week, as did our laptop :(

  2. OH MY! No wonder you have been on my mind. Being unplugged might be a good thing for a while...but don't let Brianna see that part of the comment...she might faint! LOL!! I keep begging Doug to buy me a mountain with a shack on it. He just giggles and keeps walking! I keep hoping he will surprise me with it...LOL!
    Hugs, love, and prayers,

  3. I succumbed to Buttercup's generosity with a cold, too. It is so hard to be the mom when your head is going to explode,isn't it?

    As for the paper back-up, I'm right there with you. Technology is great, but I like being able to find things when the system fails.

  4. dear Tech-troubles,

    I understand a little of that frustration. Esp. the phone thing. I have finally, {after months of owning a blackberry} got it pretty much figured out.

    Our electronic leashes