December 9, 2010

Sounds of the Season

We love music.  If there isn't someone singing or playing then there is an iPod docked in the speakers.  From Thanksgiving into the New year it is a pretty good bet that it is Christmas music in one form or another ringing out something to accompany our work and play.

Elisabeth is sure to love music as much as the rest of the family.  The other day she was walking around singing Jingle Bells.  Only it comes out a little different when she sings it.  ♪ ♫ Tinker Bell, Tinker Bell ♪ ♫

Now you all know how we like to tease each other around here, right?  We never listen to the radio.  Except, during the Christmas season, when they play holiday music.  A few years ago, it seems they played that horrible George Michael Song "Last Christmas" every five minutes.  It is annoying to all of us, but Brianna most of all.  Every time it would play she would comment on how much she hated that song.  After a few weeks of that, everyone started turning the radio up REALLY loud every time the song came on and shout through the house, "Brianna, they're playing your favorite song!"  This was followed by everyone shouting the chorus as loudly as possible while dancing around.  Yes, it is quite a scene and one that could be taken the wrong way, if you didn't know that we tease the life out of each other.

For example, Samuel was only three at the time.  He thought it really was Brianna's song.  Wanting to be like the sister he admires most, our little man decided it was his favorite song, too.  You'd think we would have learned our lesson, right?

Not really.  Yesterday Ellie was singing as she played.  ♪ ♫ Last Christmas I gave you my heart, now I give it to someone special ♪ ♫  


  1. Love this funny. We always tease our oldest daughter with certain songs she "hates" by singing loud or turning it. up.

  2. dear Christmas Melodies,

    Funny, this is the only time I really like listening to radio music too!

    The SongsterMonster strikes again