December 5, 2010

Table Talk

Hello, everyone!

I'm Chili Pepper's (Kat's) eldest daughter, Kaitlin. Mom has come down with a rather nasty cold. Sinus pressure, a raspy throaty cough and runny nose are a few of her symptoms. In fact, she's bedridden today, and was not able to come to church. You all know her well enough, to know that if she is not attending church, she must feel bad. Please be praying for her.

As she cannot post today, I decided to surprise her with a guest post.

Tonight, as we were eating dinner, Pa decided to see if Amazon sold our favorite hot sauce in bulk. We literally dump it on EVERYTHING (except chocolate ;}). Well, he did find it. This was too much for Aedan. He exclaimed: " Amazon sells Cholula's??" When Brianna said that Amazon sold everything, Nathaniel, the perpetual clown, asked, "What about kids? Do they sell children?" Brianna looked at him and, with her impeccable timing and wit, said, "of course...where did you think babies come from?"


  1. I love the "table talk" at your house. It reminds me of when my boys were young! For the longest time they had my youngest son convinced he was not really born, but was found under a cabbage leaf or something equally ridiculous.

    BTW: Your header picture at the top is NOT showing at all. I didn't know if you knew.

    Praying for Kat and sending big cyber Hugs!


  2. Too funny. Hope your mom's cold leaves soon.

    (I had my younger brother convinced that if you went to the dentist and they said you needed your wisdom teeth pulled, then you'd better be prepared for your brains to fall out. Duh! Why else would they be called wisdom teeth!)

  3. dear Kat's girl,

    Cool surprise post for your Mama! Hope she is feeling better by now.

    The talking table