December 13, 2010

There's A Birthday in the House!

We know it for sure because there are balloons everywhere!
A stack of presents wrapped in colorful paper
 Streamers dangling from the kitchen ceiling
Fancy hats
Who could these 3 pink candles possibly belong to???
A little princess perhaps?
We like to do something special as a family on birthdays.  When we asked Elisabeth what she wanted to do she said, "Birthday presents!"  Her brothers and sisters didn't disappoint her, as they showered her with surprises galore to delight their little muffin for a whole day of fun.
There were beads and shoes and dress up clothes.  Tinker Bell pajamas and a bling purse to accesorize her Christmas outfits.
And if that wasn't enough there was an entire collection of Disney princess dolls.
In addition to playing with her new dollies, Ellie spent most of the day enjoying her favorite activity of all.  Dress up, more dress up, and dress up again.
Allen found this sushi set for Ellie's play kitchen.  I don't know what was funnier.  That someone would make a sushi set for a kid, or watching Ellie play with it.
Where else would you go to celebrate Elisabeth's birthday except Chic-fil-A?
Where the manager gave her a big blue balloon!
Girlie, it is so hard to believe you are three, already.  And it is so hard to believe there was a time you weren't part of our family.  When you entered into our world, your little self made us complete.
You bring us all so much joy with your smile, compassion and singing heart.  We thank God for the gift of our little princess.
Many happy returns of the day, Muffin.


  1. Happy 3rd birthday to a sweet girl!!

  2. Happy Birthday to Ellie!

    We love Chik-fil-a too!

    And where did you manage to find matching pjs for everyone?!

  3. Happy 3rd Birthday to an adorable little girl!!