December 12, 2010

Who Is He?

The Christmas cantata hosted by our church on Sunday evening, was a great success!  We were amazed at the turnout of guests for the program and dinner.

Nothing ever goes off without some kind of glitch.  The school we had rented was supposed to send a janitor to unlock the doors at 2:00 but no one showed up.   With the program beginning at 4:30 there was much to do once we finally had access to the building.  Setting up for the meal, decorating,
preparing the sound system, 
putting up chairs, building sets 
and a dress rehearsal.  What has amazed me time and time again in our many years as members of Victory is the way everyone pulls together to get a job done.  Despite the late start, everyone worked so furiously to pull it all together, that some of us actually stood around with nothing to do.  That's team work!

I had the privilege of entertaining the little kids whose folks were busy working.  We colored, played games and raided Kaitlin's and Emma's purses for candy.  Sorry girls, I owe you one.
When I started running out of ideas, we started singing Christmas songs (which was amusing since I still lacked most of my voice).  At the music director's request, we changed to an impromptu rehearsal to replace the dress rehearsal.
All the kids were adorable and did a great job remembering their lines and scripture.  
The couple and young man directing had big shoes to fill, as our Pastor, and former choir director, has always done an incredible job.  For rookies, they did a fabulous job.

I liked the unique way the actors  depicted who the babe in the manger was through the eyes of five important Bible figures, Isaiah, John the Baptist, a shepherd, a wise man and John the Beloved.
After the show, the church catered a dinner for all the guests and church members.  Different children from the church took turns playing Christmas Hymns on the piano for entertainment during the meal.
We enjoyed visiting with our church family
 and Allen's family
With little to no naps to show for it, the little girls got a little silly by the time dessert rolled around.  Check out these little princesses!
And then of course, there is always the clean up!
Which for some youngins is more fun than the party itself.
While it is always a big undertaking during a very busy time of the year, the Christmas cantata is something I always look forward to as an opportunity to slow down and meditate for a few minutes on what the season is really all about.

Without a doubt an evening filled with blessings during this most blessed time of year.

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  1. dear CAN-ta-ta,

    Looks like a great program, and a wonderful evening of sharing work, fun and fellowship.
    Everyone's outfits (and/or costumes) are charming.

    All dressed up for the evening