January 11, 2011


1-11-11 was Allen's birthday.  A happy day it was, too.  How can you go wrong when you start with a cuddle from your girl?
Everyone who knows anything, knows that for Allen birthdays are all about the food.  From Christmas until his birthday he plans the menus for the day.  I don't know why it takes him so long to figure it out, since he always has the same thing.  Juice, coffee (with 1/2 and 1/2) fried eggs (over medium) home fries, 2 slices of whole wheat toast (cut in triangles and stacked) and chipped beef gravy over all.  It is amazing he has lived so long eating that.  I think I can feel my arteries hardening just remembering it.
Aedan loves to invent sandwiches.  He got that from his Pa.  For his special day, Aedan created this one and included a candle for good measure.  He calls it his cake sandwich.  
Happy hour included a sparkling grape juice toast to the man who makes our lives so special
and an antipasto platter.
And for dinner was Pasta, with marinara, meatballs, hot Italian sausage and garlic bread.  I have been making this meal on his birthday since he was 19 years old.
He did throw in a Greek salad for those of us who needed something a little lighter.
Of course, there was red velvet cake.  Which, I happen to think, is a big mistake.  Why waste a perfectly good birthday cake on something that doesn't contain chocolate or lemon?  But he loves it, so every year, I make it.  I also forgot to buy candles so we had to make do with what was left over from other birthdays.  Which happened to be a lot of girlie stuff since we have four girl birthdays in a row.  Emma dug and managed to come up with enough.  I wasn't sure we would get them all on there.
Not only did we, but even with a horrible cold, he managed to blow all 41 out!  Not bad for an old guy, eh?
Of course, there were lots of presents.  The kids sometimes amaze me at what they come up with and sometimes they just crack me up.  Either way, it is neat to see how important it is to find something they think their Pa will love.  
The real fun started later in the evening, when it was decided the snow was deep enough for sledding.  We spent a couple of hours making some runs up and down the hill and enjoying walking in the quiet of the falling snow.
Our Pa is so special to us.  He so wisely guides each of us, especially me, to seek and stay in the will of God. He has a way of injecting brevity into everything, whether you want it or not.  He knows something about everything and is more than eager to share it if you will but ask.  We try to avoid asking about the electoral college too often.  When the rest of the world gets so caught up in the day to day of the world, he is good at reminding us all to get back to the simple of what really matters.  No matter what he may face from others or the world, he has never been afraid to stick by what he feels is God's leading and is always careful to avoid living by what people do or say but rather tries always to live by what He feels the Lord has to say.  We are so grateful for a man that is an example to us and to all those who know him.

"By the blessing of the upright the city is exalted"  Proverbs 11:11


  1. Happy Birthday to Allen. What a special birthday he had. I love the idea of the menu planning, but that chipped beef on everything is over the top. Pun intended. :-)

    Your meatballs and sausage remind me of how my mom and dad used to make it and I make it for my family now. Delicious! Italian food is my absolute favorite. My hubby loves chicken parmesan and angel hair pasta for his birthday.

  2. Happy Birthday, Allen.
    Great choice for a cake. I love red velvet cake, but don't have it often. That's actually the kind we had for our wedding cake. Maybe we'll make some for Valentine's Day this year.

  3. I think for men it is mostly all about the food.lol Do you make your own dressing ,it looks delish,so please share recipe.And I also wanted to know where you purchase your picture frames in your hall?thanks

  4. dear Celebrating,

    That was a special birthday on 1-11-11. I was thinking, some lucky babies were born, that now have that as their birthday. (Don't know anyone personally though)

    Birthday choices