January 24, 2011



Thank you for the beautiful pink striped silky pajamas.  They are just what I would have chosen for myself.  While I really like them, I think what I like best, is the story of how you dragged Pa and all the other kids all over town all day to find exactly what you had in mind for me.  One day you are going to make a special lady very happy if you put that much effort into pleasing her.

Your silky pajama Mama


The angel pendant you gave me for Christmas is quite lovely.  It matches almost anything I want to wear.  The unusual design is a great addition to my bling collection because I have nothing that even closely resembles it.  Your method for choosing just the right one is quite unique in itself and I may have to use that when I go gift shopping next.



The snow globe from New York is a wonderful memento of the beautiful day we spent there together.  It reminds me of when you were a little girl and we would shake up the snow globe and put it underneath the Christmas tree so we could see the lights reflect off the snow.

Happily remembering some old times,

Emma Rose,

The new bowls you gave me for Christmas coordinate perfect with my chili pepper dishes.  They are just the right size for my morning, afternoon and evening snack of fruit and nuts.  I know it was quite a challenge for you to decide what dishes to get now that you can no longer buy our chili pepper pattern at Kohls.  It means a lot to me that you put so much thought into what gift to give me.

Hugs from your fruit eating Mama

I could never smell so sweet as I do now that you have given me such a fragrant shower cream.  Isn't it nice that the Christmas gift you so generously bestowed upon me can be used by both of us when we take our bath?  It leaves my itchy winter skin feeling silky smooth.  I am glad that we all now know this does not make a good after shower moisturizer.

Loving bath time with my girl,


Thank you for the pink bling cocktail ring you gave me for Christmas.  It is the perfect accessory for all those cocktail parties I intend to attend in this new year.  It's great for brightening up my days at the home school table, too.  Most of all it is fabulous because it reminds me of my generous girl who remembered something I admired and went out of her way to find one for me.

Shining in my pink bling,


The beautiful Mediterranean style cereal bowl came just at the right time to replace the broken one I like to eat my morning granola in.  It is excellent for servings condiments at family meal times, too.  Mostly I am blessed that you made it such a priority to find something that you knew I would enjoy for my kitchen this Christmas in the year that chili pepper bowls are no more.  I love your thoughtfulness and you will undoubtedly bless some wonderful wife with it in a few years.



Lest you should feel left out, I can not let my thank you notes be finished with out a mention of the new Wusthof 6 inch chef's knife and travel case.  I know most women would not like to get something for the kitchen as her Christmas gift.  You know me well enough to know there's nothing I like more than a good quality tool to get the job done right!  This is a great addition to my knife block.  In case you are looking for ideas for my birthday in February, the steak knife set is on sale at All Modern. com right now.

Love from your happy cook,

Chili Pepper


  1. Online thank you notes...love it!:)

  2. Loved reading your thankyou notes to your family!!! wish I thought of that first .. . . ;)

    Seems we have a lot in common. I also love old black and white movies and attend an Independent Baptist church and like to cook for my family! Enjoyed my little visit at your blog!

  3. dear Noted Thanks,

    Fun to see your gifts, and how you thanked each of the givers with a little well~thought~out note.

    Thank you notes are the best (and a MUST here at

  4. You are such a loving, beautiful mama that makes it a priority to let her children know how loved they are. Thanks for sharing your thank you notes.