January 7, 2011

Do you think...

... traveling with a family of nine might be a little bulky?

I was working in the kitchen one day while Samuel and Elisabeth played in the next room.

I asked what they were doing and Sammy said, "This couch is our car and we are going on vacation."


  1. oh.. hilarious! Our kids do this also. I find it amusing what they 'need' to pack for their trips.

    (couldn't help laugh at the baby on the top.. must have been a looon trip) :)

  2. Filled to the brim! Love how their imagination took flight!

  3. dear 'Loaded for bear',

    I can't even remember why we say that, but it's what i first thought when I saw this!

    Then, I remember my first two girls playing 'Laura and Mary' with the couch out on our screened porch as the covered wagon...a couple bikes in front all draped to look like the horses. The scene was when they were crossing the river...SOOO scarey, and Pa said "LIE DOWN LAURA" and the horses are trying to swim...
    Ah, the memories!
    The interesting "trips" on the Journey