December 6, 2010

People Say...

... home school kids are sheltered and need to get out in the world more.  Really, I think it is home school husbands.  Take for example the things they find photo worthy.  I was trying to make turkey stock but the carcass wouldn't fit in the crock pot.  I fell back on one of my favorite kitchen tools.
Allen happened to come out of his office at that moment and actually took a picture.  Come on!  You would have thought this little trick was worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize.  Are there any nominations?

While I have your attention, a good hammer is a useful kitchen tool.  As I mentioned it is great for breaking up bones for stock.  It also works well for breaking the ice off the back of the freezer.  And it even comes in handy as a hammer when the fronts come off your drawers... which happens a lot in my kitchen.

Do you have any unusual tools you must have in your kitchen?

1 comment :

  1. I don't have any unusual tools that I can think of, but I have to say...

    I LOVE your canisters!!!!