January 31, 2011

Reminders From the Valley - A New Vision

As a young mother, I often asked my husband to pray for me to have greater patience. However, it seemed the more he prayed, the more trying life became. As I was sharing this with an older Christian friend she said, "Kathleen, watch what you pray for, the Lord will give it to you."   Of course, she meant that if I pray for patience, the Lord will give opportunities to try me and grow my patience. And did He ever in those early years!

As a believer, I have always looked forward to going to Heaven one day but I never was in any particular hurry to get there. I always marveled at those who have such an incredible longing for Heaven. Our former pastor, Louis Purks, had an amazing vision for Heaven. In one of his last sermons before retiring to Texas, he said something that again reminded me of what I was lacking in this area. God had given such a wondrous gift in going to the cross to secure my place in eternity. How could I be so ungrateful to not make it a top priority in my life by looking to it with the enthusiasm and excitement with which I look forward to the gifts of this world? I began praying for the Lord to help me develop such a vision and desire.

The lesson I had learned from my friend so many years before really hit home in the last summer and early fall months.  I realized the Lord surely did answer my prayer,  and in no way I expected. Thoughts of Heaven and meeting our child there fill my heart almost every day. What is even better, is that my children, even my young children, already have that desire instilled in their hearts.  It is like one of those buy one get one free deals at the super market.

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