December 28, 2010

Shopping Dates

You all know how much I hate shopping.  There for I do all my Christmas shopping online and usually long before Thanksgiving is ever on our minds.  Allen started a tradition with the kids a few years ago to make sure we get one on one time during what seems to be a crazy time of year, no matter how hard we try to keep it slow and serene.  Between Thanksgiving and Christmas we take each child one on one for dinner or lunch followed by shopping for their gifts for each other.

I love the way they so carefully draw up lists through out the year as they think of things their siblings need or would like.  I love to see their excitement as they hunt for just what they had in mind.  I love to see their thrill as they carry their bag home and tuck it under their bed (they all always hide their gifts under their beds).

They are their father's children and really enjoy the food part, too.  They get to pick anywhere they want to eat.

This year, because I was sick for so much of December and then we were so busy, we doubled up on some of their dates, which no one seemed to mind.  I was surprised that instead of his usual favorite, Samuel chose a Vietnamese restaurant.  Brianna was his double on this date.  I had to laugh when she dumped way too much hot sauce in her Pho and ate every bite because she refused to wimp out in front of her Pa.
Samuel was quite adventurous, trying dumplings, garden rolls and Pho.  I was surprised the one thing he didn't want was the shrimp and noodles, since that was the closest food to what he is used to eating.
You all know how I do with chopsticks.  
Not Sammy!  He ate his whole meal with chopsticks.
and kept us laughing the whole time.
Nathaniel and Aedan had a double date to Target and Chick-fil-A.  
You know we try to limit our sugar intake around here.  So usually if they get a milk shake, they all split one.
Since it was their date and all, they each got a peppermint milk shake this time, though.
I had fun playing with my camera settings, while waiting to see if they could actually drink an entire milk shake each.  Which they couldn't.
But they had fun trying.

How do you all find ways to have one on one time with your children in this crazy busy world we live in?

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