December 27, 2010


Our church has this long standing tradition of singing Happy Birthday to the honorees each Sunday evening.  The week of Elisabeth's birthday our friend Dean was also celebrating his birthday.  When Pa told Ellie to stand up so everyone could sing to her, she got down and ran over to Mr. B. and hopped into his arms.  The two of them looked liked long time friends.
While we have known Brother Dean since long before Ellie was born, she doesn't know him on a personal level.  He is just one of the many faces she sees on Sunday who Pa and Mama happen to stand around talking to.  Ellie is slow to warm up to people and will usually whimper if someone she doesn't know very well speaks to her.

After raising nine kids of his own, Dean is now a new grandfather as well.  She obviously sniffed him out as a safe bet.

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