December 26, 2010


I love the faith builders.  Those are the lovely Titus ladies in our church who teach us youngers all we need to know about important things like how to attract a husband, look twenty years younger than we are and most importantly how to make great things to eat.

Oh, can these ladies cook!  Often we are the recipients of the fruits of their labors such as Miss Dora's fudge and Miss Lorene's peanut brittle.  For those of you who will never have the honor and sheer delight of tasting that wonderful treat, I tell you her peanut brittle is the closest thing to heaven this earth will ever see.

The Sunday before Christmas both these ladies blessed us with a bag of their goodies.  Elisabeth intercepted both bags and held them for the entire service.  By virtue of where they came from, Ellie must have known there was something good inside.  Even though the bags were tied up with ribbon so she had no way of knowing what was inside, my girl carried them to the car and into the restaurant where we ate lunch.
Neither bag made it any further than that.  What is it they say?  "A minute on the lips, til January on the hips?"  or something like that!
Praising God for ladies who have perfected the art of hospitality in a gift bag!

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