January 12, 2011

We'll Take What We Can Get

Everyone was so excited to see the big white flakes falling from the sky yesterday afternoon.  As we attempted to do school they kept running to the window to see if they were increasing in size or quantity.
We only got about 2 or 3 inches, which normally wouldn't bring any notice.
But in a winter with such a piddling amount of snow...
We will happily take what we can get.
After dinner, we ran outdoors for some good old fashioned winter time fun.  
After some swinging, see-saw and a walk around the yard to see the lights reflecting on the snow
We moved on to some sledding
and then the kids decided to try out some new tricks.  Going down the hill in the wagon.
Sliding down the slide, landing in the sled and then running down the hill (hopefully veering to the right before running into the shed... we won't mention any names.)  I know this sounds painful, but I swear it wasn't and it was actually quite fun.  Well, except for Pa, who for some reason could not seem to land in the sled right.  Must have had something to do with his cold.  Maybe his balance was off?  ☺
When all that fun wore off, and our fingers started to get cold, it was back indoors to warm up by the fire and sip some caramel dark chocolate hot cocoa.  
Ahh.  That's the life.  

*Yes, I know that cocoa picture is side ways.  It wasn't when I uploaded it.  For some reason blogger flips them sometimes and nothing I can do will make it appear normal.  Even my brilliant Brianna can't figure it out.  Anyone have any clues?


  1. That hot cocoa looks so yummy!

    We have been having lots of winter fun going down our hill in every kind of sled we can muster up. It's been fun.

    Maybe you should upload it sideways onto your post and blogger will flip it right side up. You probably tried that silliness already. :)

  2. dear Slip~sledding~away,

    Great way to spend a snowy evening. Especially like the grand finale, looks YUMMO!