February 8, 2011

Another Year Older - Many Blessings Richer

Nothing can humble a person quicker than a good old fashioned birthday celebration in which I realize how much my family loves me, even though I don't deserve it.

Saturday was the big day, but around here birthdays seem to last for the better part of a week these days.  

The fun started Friday night when Allen and I went to dinner and a show with friends of ours.

For a rare occasion, I slept in Saturday morning.  When I got up the house was beautifully decorated with pink and green streamers and lots of balloons AND the kids had fixed my all time favorite breakfast of lox and home made bagels with all the trimmings.  
I LOVE that they coordinated the crepe paper and wrapping paper... that is so something I would do!  Even though, they maybe don't care at all, they knew I would appreciate it and took the extra effort.
Check out these great candles they used to coordinate with the table setting.  
Elisabeth gave me a great snuggle, and I am sure it had nothing to do with the fact that I had a pink and green happy day she might have wanted to share with me.
Of course there were presents... a new plate for my collection from Aedan.
Home made gift certificates from Emma to fix my snack when my sugar is too low and eat breakfast with me when I don't feel like getting up to eat before the sun.  There were also certificates for a foot rub and other fun Mama and Emma time activities.
 A new charm for my children birthstone necklace
And a kiss from my sweetie
The weather was cold and drizzling all day and my blood sugar was fluctuating too much to feel like doing anything so we opted for a quiet day at home.  We played a game and watched a video.

I know you are going to ask so I will just go ahead and tell you.  Lunch was my grandmother's Italian Wedding soup.  For my pizza and video I chose Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation and South Western Pizza... which I thought looked fabulous on my new plate.
Kaitlin made this incredible new recipe for a grapefruit cake for dessert.   Don't knock it until you try it, it is by far my new very favorite cake.  It is so light and refreshing!  And less than 30 carbs per 1/16th of a cake.  A diabetic birthday girls dream!
I realized how old I am really getting when I saw the kids putting the candles on my cake.  
However, even with asthma, I still managed to blow them all out in one breath!  Not too old just yet.
Okay, so I look like I might faint, but hey, I did it!  

But here's the real thing.  Once again, I am amazed at the outpouring of love from my family.  I am so blessed to have so much unconditional love surrounding me every day of my life, despite all my faults and the constant string of mistakes I make.  Thanks for another special birthday and a very special year.  I am looking forward to the new year ahead with some of the greatest blessings there ever could be.  

Loving you all, too!


  1. Happy birthday! you look like you're in your 20s!

  2. Sending Happy Birthday Blessings your way, (((hugs))) to you!! Happy Birthday!! ♥ Amy

  3. Now that's what I call a perfect birthday!

  4. Happy Happy Birthday Kat! I know your family does so wonderful in making you feel loved. Not only on your birthday, but everyday!

  5. Happy Birthday! You are beautiful inside & out!

  6. Happy Birthday (late)!
    Looks like a fabulous time and love the new dinnerware. Very pretty. :) And the pizza looks de-lish!

  7. Happy Birthday to the Mama who makes every day just as special as our own special days!