February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Around here, Valentine's Day is a family affair with some quiet romantic moment stuck in there somewhere.

Typically, we all pitch in to make a fancy dress up dinner, light some candles and open a few jars of sparkling cider.  With appointments through the afternoon and our class tonight we mixed things up a bit and began the day with a little family time celebration.

A fancy breakfast, for a Monday morning, anyway was the order of the day.  I found this great recipe for red velvet pancakes.  Those of you who've been paying attention might remember red velvet cake is one of my hubby's favorite things... although, not really mine.  Lately, I've been exploring other red velvet treats.  We recently had red velvet brownies, which I thought were incredible and definitely better than their cake counter part.  Last year I made a recipe for red velvet cookies that were equally tempting.  After trying this pancake recipe, I might have to alter my opinion to say, ,,I like red velvet after all, maybe just not red velvet cake so much.
They are so easy, too.  You start with a red velvet cake mix, add a few basics like oil and eggs, top it with a simple compote made of dried cherries, fresh whipped cream and some shaved chocolate.

To round out the meal we added some strawberries with chopped walnuts and of course tea and coffee.  What would breakfast be without fresh ground coffee?
 Kaitlin put together this beautiful table setting for us featuring a frosted spray we bought at Joann's for next to nothing on Christmas clearance last year.
 Samuel was definitely ready to eat by the time we finished frying pancakes and gathered the troops to the table.
 The girls and I spent some time trying out a few new chocolate recipes from Southern Mid-Atlantic Living.  These are caramel covered with chocolate, a hint of sea salt and crystallized ginger.  (Terri, I was thinking about you when I saw this recipe featuring the sea salt to accent the chocolate.  Stop by for a sample... but don't wait too long or they may be all gone!)  I am not a big fan of caramel but I love dark chocolate and I am crazy for crystallized ginger and will often pluck a piece out of the jar and suck on it as a treat. With several caramel lovers in the house, I don't think we could miss with this recipe.
 And chocolate covered maraschino cherries.  What more could you possibly say about that?
 These roasted pecans topped with caramel, a hint of sea salt and drizzled with melted chocolate seemed too irresistible to not try out.
 The mail was fun today, too!  Roses from my darling... cards from our friends in Virginia and Texas...
...and a package from our friends in Seattle.  
 Can you believe those adorable little hearts are book marks?  Aren't they sweet?  Oh, really, no pun intended!
And speaking of sweet... check out these sweet hearts!
 And my only-thing-better-than-chocolate Valentine.
One of my favorite Bible verses since I was a child has always been Jeremiah 31:3 "The LORD hath appeared of old unto me, saying, Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore with lovingkindness have I drawn thee."  Since I gave my life to Jesus, it has always had a deeper meaning than I could have ever imagined before I knew and understood (as much as my feeble human mind and heart can) the love He truly has for me.  

My mom used to sing this verse to us when I was growing up.  It has been stuck in my mind the last few days... which is rather appropriate, don't you think?  Our Pastor preached on the love of God last Sunday and yesterday.  He left us with the question, "Do you really love the Lord?"  What better question is there to contemplate on a day set aside for making sure we show those around us how much they mean to us?

Happy Valentine's Day to all those we know and love (and to those of you we've come to love but have yet to know) from all of us riding a sugar high in Wachter world.




  1. What a lovely way to celebrate Valentine's Day with the ones you love! The pictures made me hungry for the red velvet pancakes. Mmm, they look uh-mazing! But then again, I'm a pancake-lover, so maybe I'm just biased. :)

    Love in Him,
    Elizabeth Rose

  2. Great post! I'm sure I would love the red velvet pancakes and the chocolate covered pecans. Yum!

  3. I really enjoyed reading this post. Looks like you had a festive Valentine's Day surrounded by loving people and sentiments.