March 21, 2011

Cake Pops

Sunday the kids went to the market to pick up some groceries, while Allen and I took Elisabeth to Starbucks for a little date.  For those of you who haven't seen their new cake pops yet, well they are just too cute for words.  The perfect Sunday dessert for a little princess.  Of course Ellie chose the pink one with the little white non-perils to go with her not-so-hot-cocoa.  I can't blame her.  It was simply so pink, it was hard to resist.  Except, I knew it would be white chocolate and I just don't care for white chocolate so I picked the rocky road.  When she sat down and opened her little brown bag, she let out a giggle of glee that was well worth $1.50 even if she decided not to eat it.  
She took one bite and decided she didn't care for white chocolate.
After comparing it with mine, the Rocky Road, as we all agreed, was definitely the right choice.
I don't know what was cuter...her delight over the pink pop or watching her skip up to the counter with $2 and telling the cashier, "Can I have a chocolate lolly for Sammy, please?"

I do know I am loving this new idea of mini desserts, though.  Mini cupcakes, little lemon squares and, of course, cake pops.  Just a bite or two to satisfy your sweet tooth with your coffee, instead of loading up on a bunch of empty dessert calories when you only wanted a taste to begin with.  Way to go Starbucks!

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  1. I guess it's been WAY too long since I have been to one of my favorite places...Starbucks! I didn't even realize they had Cake Pops. I am just going to have to pop in there and get me one...soon! What a great outing.