March 20, 2011

Ellie's First...

Emma has a friend who hates going to the dentist.  She makes a fit about it every time.  I just don't understand this because my kids think going to see Dr. Mohmassani, and his fabulous staff, marks two of the best days of the year... right up there with birthdays and Christmas.  They don't even seem to mind sitting in the waiting room for four hours while everyone else has their turn.  
 This week Ellie had her first official check up and cleaning.  At first she was quite interested in all the neat gadgets that Miss Bev was showing her.
Then she was quite appalled at the lack of fashion sense in the bib she had to put on.  (Especially, when she realized she had to remove her pink fur for it to fit around her collar properly)
 She forgave them when the sparkly sunglasses came out to shield her eyes from the light.
 And decided she definitely liked this dentist business when she got a new toothbrush, toothpaste, a rubber turtle and some new arm bling.
 What's not to like?

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