March 21, 2011

Fashion Show

Last week Lands End was advertising their sale on all things new for the season.  So I popped over to the overstock clearance to pick up the good deals left over from last year that no one wanted.  I stocked up on some great items for Emma and Elisabeth for this summer and next fall.  Allen found two great coupon codes on Slick that got me free shipping and an extra 20% off all my sale items.  Making things an even better value.  For example, Ellie got a bathing suit for $5.60 and no shipping charge.  That's cheaper than Walmart and far better quality.  Plus it matches the ones I bought the other kids on clearance last year.

So there is one of my secrets for those who always ask, "How can we afford to dress so well with 7 kids?"  I buy good quality at the end of the season and wait for the new things to be put out then go to the leftovers from last year. We got a box full of clothes for a little bit of nothing.  And since they love to have matching outfits... they all matched, too.

Saturday morning they unpacked everything and gave me a fashion show while I was cooking breakfast.   Here are a few of their new outfits.
 I also got each of them a long sleeve top and darling argyle sweater to go with these skorts for fall.  That gives them a years worth of use for less than $20 for the outfits.
 And both girls have a short sleeve floral top to go with these skirts for summer.
 And Ellie's super bathing suit deal.  She already has a swim shirt to go over this that fits from last summer.
They have variations of these day dress and coordinating leggings in three different styles for next fall and a short sleeve version for this summer.  They were less than $9 each for the dresses and less than $3 each for the leggings.  Compare that with regular prices... wow! And all from the comfort of my own sofa... if I have to shop that's the way to do it!


  1. Twins!!! (They're beautiful!)

  2. So beautiful! I love when I find good quality clothing for much cheaper than I would normally have to pay. It makes me enjoy the clothes even more. :)

    Have a blessed day!

    Elizabeth Rose