March 4, 2011

A Future Career?

Friday night we had some friends in for a visit.  At one point, in the midst of the little girls dress up, I noticed something hanging below Ellie's dress.  I discreetly pulled up the hem to see what it was, only to discover Samuel's Hanna Unders.  (For those of you who don't have little boys addicted to these, that would be super soft boxer shorts from Hanna Andersson.
So here is a little plug for Hanna Andersson.  These little guys are truly the best under wear I have ever seen for kids.  And trust me, we've seen our share.  For one thing they are SoOOOOO soft.  My boys hate to wear any others because nothing compares to the European cotton.  Most boys' underwear are scratchy and have bumpy seams that I personally wouldn't want to wear.  Not to mention trying to get a good fit.

At first I about died at the cost of them but now I realize what an incredible value they were!  These suckers have been in constant use since Nathaniel potty trained 7 years ago... and they are just as good as new... but even softer, if that is possible, after so many washings.  They seem to grow with the kids, so they get plenty of use before being passed down.  That's right, they don't fall apart in six months like the good old Hanes and Fruit of the Loom variety, so they can be passed right on down the line.

Plus, here's a little secret, you can find them for a fraction of the cost on eBay.  Yes, eBay, the best friend for the mother on a budget.  I bought my boys' for about $2 a pair on eBay brand new.  I don't remember if that included shipping but even if it didn't that is still and incredible deal ladies!

But back to the story... I didn't really want to draw much attention to my daughter's under things in the midst of company but I had to know, "Why are you wearing Samuel's underwear?"

"Oh, mine are too small," was the answer before she took off with her friends.

Later in the evening it worked out rather well when the kids starting playing rough with Mark, which involved being hung upside down for a spell... Elisabeth was still well covered... for the most part anyway!  Kids... don't try this at home unless you have a really strong, tall friend like we do.
Yet later, when I went to get her ready for bed... I opened Ellie's drawer to find all her little princess panties gone and in their place, all Samuel's boxer shorts.  I guess she figured that since we pass things down to her when he outgrows them, if she needed something bigger she could help herself?

I was wondering what she did with all her little girlie things, though.  And the answer didn't really fit my explanation above.  "I put them in KK's room."  OKay... maybe since there was no one in line behind her she figured we would start at the top again?  Hard to say what that little three year old mind was thinking.
But while we are on the topic of what were they thinking... not really but here it is anyway... what are they thinking when they size things like tights and underwear 2t/3t?  Has anyone ever noticed the difference between a 2 year old and a 3 year old when it comes to size?  The truth is that I had known for some time Ellie needed bigger panties but the 2t/3t were too small and the next size up would have fit Nathaniel.  The same goes for tights.  The last pair I bought her were sized 2t-4t.  Hello!  A four year old girl is a lot taller than a 2 year old girl which means that the 2 year old has sagging tights, they fit through 3 years and by four the crotch is around the knees until they grow into the next size up.  Who comes up with this stuff???

Okay... enough of that.  But really!  So after I discovered the whereabouts of her unmentionables, I told Ellie that she had to give her brother's back because what would he wear? and I promised to take her shopping for some of her own on Saturday.  That's when she said, "Soft ones like Samuel's?"

Which led me to Hanna to find some little girl unders... which happened to be on sale. When I told her that she would be getting a package in the mail with her very own bigger, very-soft-like-Samuel's, panties she was beside herself.

Still nothing prepared me for the gasp of glee and squeal of joy when she opened her package today and hugged, yes HUGGED, her Hanna Unders.

So now we are wondering, with so much attention to under clothes, does she have a future at Victoria's Secret?


  1. would seem the last picture sums it all up...a child's joy!

  2. aww she's so adorable.My 5yr old son loves his super hero undies so much that I caught him wearing the back part to the front because he wants to be able to see them every time.

  3. That is so cute.
    And I hear you on the underwear from hanes and fruit-of-the-loom falling apart. It seems alike I'm always getting the boys new undies. The only thing is the like the boxer briefs. I'll have to see if Hanna Anderson sells that style.

  4. Back again. :) Well, I just checked and they do have them! Now to find some on ebay. :)

  5. Love the expression on her face! Priceless! What a great story & wonderful memory.