March 18, 2011

If the Nightie is Pink...

Last Saturday night, Allen took Elisabeth back for her bath while I set about making dinner for the hungry workers.  After washing and toweling her off, Pa sent Ellie to put her nightgown on while he took his shower.

She put a night gown on all right, but it wasn't exactly hers.  Out she came dressed in one of my nighties that doesn't exactly fit over my growing middle these days.
Cute as it might be, I must admit it was a bit demoralizing to see my three year old wearing sexier lingerie than I can manage right now.  And if that wasn't bad enough, you can only imagine how I felt when she wandered into the bathroom during my soak to show me her pig matched, too, in one of my camisoles!
Which just goes to show... boots, fur or nightie... if it's pink, Ellie will wear it.

And apparently so will Charlotte.

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