March 22, 2011


Elisabeth, as did her sisters before her, loves to help with housework.  She washes, dusts, sifts, stirs, wipes, and folds right along side the rest of us.  She especially likes to help with laundry day.  Whenever she hears the beep of the washer or dryer, she jumps up and shouts, "The washer music" and runs to the laundry room.  Ironing day is on Monday and for safety sake there isn't so much she can do with ironing.  She usually brings some toys into the laundry room to occupy her while the task is accomplished.

A few months ago, I thought it would be fun for her to have her own iron and ironing board to tend to her doll things while we did the big people stuff.  I couldn't find anything that seemed sturdy and was reasonably priced, however.  (There was one at Pottery Barn Kids for a ridiculous $40 and that did not include the iron).  So I abandoned that idea for Christmas.

A few weeks ago, while she was again helping in the laundry room, I thought how much fun it would be for her.  I did another search on eBay and actually found an adorable one, that happened to be pink, for $9.95.  When it arrived, the week before last, I was rewarded for my efforts.  After a squeal, or two, or three, of delight, she spent the entire day ironing her baby's things, and it wasn't even Monday.
Look how focused her sweet little face is.
And I ask you what could be more precious than these chubby little hands clutching this little bitty pink iron?
Her baby was a good helper on laundry day, too!


  1. I wish she would come to my house! :) I enjoy working around the house but my least favorite chore by FAR is ironing! What a fun new toy for her to enjoy!

  2. We don't iron much in our home:) What a fun new toy, we have a birthday next month we may have to look into this. Any toy that can teach them life lessons is wonderful.