March 12, 2011

Just A Few Words

Dear Sweet Readers,

I want to say a few words about questions and emails.  Even though, I am very slow at replying to them these last few months, I do read each and every one of your emails.  I keep them in a file until I get some free blogging time to answer them.  In the meantime, from the minute you send them, I am praying about your prayer requests and seeking God's will as to how He would have me reply to your questions.  Don't worry, I will get back to you... eventually.  As you wait, know that the best one of all is handling each of your special needs from home school issues, family topics and marriage questions.  

Your letters of encouragement are such a blessing to me!  I was recently sharing with my friend and reader Carol, my original reason for blogging.  With family scattered all over the world and becoming busier every day, I wanted a way to keep in touch with those I love.  Last summer, derision arose in my extended family leaving me with just 1 relative who will speak to me.  Therefore, I don't often see much point in blogging these days.  

Since our miscarriage last July, what used to come so easy and naturally for me, taking the thoughts from my head and heart and translating them to a blog post, is now frequently a great challenge for me.  I find myself wondering what is the point, anyway?  It never fails, though, just when I am about to abandon the whole thing, I get an email from one of you dear readers.  For example, the breath of fresh air I received from darling Erin today.  These letters remind me that what I began for one reason, God has blessed and now uses for a greater purpose than I could ever imagine.  To know, that in some way, He can take what is in my feeble mind and wicked heart and use it for His glory is all the reason I need to keep doing something I love so much.

Hugs to you all for the many ways you have blessed our lives in the last two years.  Yes, that is amazing to me.  As of February it has been two years since I began this blog!  Even more amazing, as I scan back over old posts, is to realize how much has happened and how much has changed in that time.  Wow!  Indeed, our God is good and merciful.  



  1. I'm so glad you're blogging! It's such a blessing to me and to so many others.

  2. I'm so glad you share what you choose to share, but I completely understand the way our voices change, our urge to share diminishes, and our thoughts become private conversations with God. My own blog has been sorely neglected these past few months. As the gravity of my thoughts has increased, I find that I can't brush them over with a trite sayings and a cheerful photo. Unhappiness? No, not at all...just situations that deserve serious consideration. Maybe you feel that way...maybe your feelings are different. I have just decided that if and when blogging inspires me again, I'll pick it up...until then? People who want to know what I'm doing will have to give me a call or send me an email and vice versa. Hugs to you!