March 17, 2011

Oh, Spring! Thank You For Coming To See Me At Last

Last Saturday was so beautiful!  It was around 62 in the afternoon and I was so thrilled to at last be outdoors after what has seemed like a very long, very dreary winter.  From lunch until dinner we cleared beds, pruned trees, raked up debris, cut down trees, moved fire wood, picked up branches and removed the evidence of many unusual and strong wind storms.  

Our work was well rewarded when we unearthed hundreds of bulbs peeking out just waiting for the right moment to burst open with all their glory.  It felt so good to breath the fresh air and do some good hard physical work after being sedentary for so many months.  Brianna snapped this picture of me cutting back my herbs to make room for the new shoots. 
Saturday night, well worn from our work, we collapsed in front of a video once we had tucked the boys in for the night.  About the time the movie ended and I got up to go to bed, I rediscovered some muscles I had forgotten were there.  From head to toe, every one of them ached.  ☺

Funny, how you forget about that part of spring, until it is too late!  I remembered it all that night and the next, while I tossed and turned with my aching back... and legs... and arms... I wouldn't trade one minute of the pleasure for anything though!  Isn't it wonderful that with the aches and pains of not being twenty any more, also comes a shorter memory... so that by the first warm day next spring I will have completely forgotten the whole aching mess... and be able to jump into the garden with the same complete abandon and joy that can only be had on the first warm day in the gardens?

Now grab those cameras and show me what you are doing to appreciate these early days of spring!

Until next week,


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  1. So glad you are seeing warmer days in your area. I imagine it's hard just to come back inside and do the inside chores, when all you want to do is be outside.

    Spring is in the air!