March 24, 2011

Operation Survival: Day 2

Day two was more than survival... it was a success!

everyone was a pirate.
You heard me right...pirates, scallywags, buccaneers, swash-bucklers.

Let me introduce you to the crew:

Nana had fun with this one!

Here is Captain Pete...a feared leader, who would maroon a crew member for a thought of mutiny.

First Mate Su. Though a girl, she fights like anything when threatened.

Second mate, Lucy, would rather come to an agreement when fight.
Often she's the peacemaker, between her ship mates.
Caspian, or "Capper" is a vital member.
 Often the ring-leader of the younger crew members,
 the Captain always keeps a close eye on this scallywag.

A fearless fighter, "Fire-fist Ed" is always the
 first in any charge and is ever loyal to his Captain.

Slippery Sam in the cabin boy on this ship.
As he's still in training to use his sword,
he'll be allowed to fight soon, but not yet.
The beautiful Princess Ellie, not pictured here, was captured by these rough vagabonds, and held hostage on their ship. She awaits the day the King and Queen will come to rescue her. ;}

After applying makeup and costumes, and eating a hardy breakfast at sea, we all set into our daily chores aboard.

Some were sent to count the treasure aboard:

Others to take the stock of gunpowder, cannons, and check the state of the lifeboats.

As the Feared Captain Pete always insists that his pirates not be illiterate, Princess Ellie, cozy in her prison is designated teacher.

Some of us make such good progress, that soon, we are reading to the others.

Princess also becomes a great missionary to the pirates...can't you see them all with their Bibles in hand?

Update from the parents:
They boarded the ship at around 5 PM and will be in Key West by tomorrow morning.
Have Fun, you Two!!


Su, First Mate


  1. Oh dear. Now the whole world will know how awful I look with a beard:)

  2. I have two darling boys who would LOVE to be adopted into your family!!! :)

  3. You guys like amazing (and, yes, very fearsome and dangerous)! Did you use a green screen for the first picture?

  4. I cracked up when I saw Brianna as the feared Captain Pete! What an amazing crew! And how sweet of Princess Ellie to spread the Gospel to you. :)

    Elizabeth Rose

  5. Hi from Miami... Miss you guys