March 25, 2011

Operation Survival: Day 3

Though day three had a bit of a late start, we got a good deal of our school work done. Today was Narnia Day, Here is a photographic summary:

Ellie and books. She has the phone "in case Mama calls." (She carried the phone around all day.)

Queen Lucy does reads her school reader.

Peek a boo!!


After teatime, Ellie has a Hot Cocoa mustache...and proud of it!

The boys promise to take pictures for you,  Mama, of the hyacinths, daffodils and trees when they bloomed, so here they are.

this is the apricot tree.

as is this.

planting trees...

the redbud

Gussie's garden is blooming, too!!

All's going well!!
Queen Susan

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  1. You guys are doing such an awesome job keeping Ma and Pa updated!

    Great to see you guys are having a wonderful time.....AND getting your school work done!