March 30, 2011

Operation Survival: Day 7

Our last day was a hit!

Today's Theme: Jonathan Park & the Creation Response Team.
If none of you have listened to the Jonathan Park radio series, it is a fantastic way to teach kids all about the world in which we live, and defending their faith by using God's Creation as evidence. It can be purchased at Vision Forum's website.
"Summer" finishes her scrambled eggs.

"Jonathan" dusts the baseboards.

"Jim" dusts bureau tops, table tops, and the knick-knacks thereon.

"Kendell" dusts large furniture.
"Katie" sorts things to be put away.
(this is an awful picture of me)

Before picture...

yes, that's a sweater drying on a towel on the piano...

playroom doesn't look too bad before...

"Put this away, and this away, and you know where this goes..."

quite a rag bundle, huh?
Now, Nana Eddie, had fun editing our group picture. Here is the original:

Once she cut us  out, she popped in a lot of different backgrounds:

Jonathan Park and the CRT go to the Sahara...

 And the Grand Canyon...

And the Rainforest...

And to the Moon...

And my personal favorite: The bottom of the Sea...and there really is a hole there!

back row left to right:  Eddie (I don't remember his last name), Jessie Brennan, Katie Park
middle row: Jim Brennan, Jonathan Park, Kendall Park
front: Summer Park
Summary: this week has been an awesome adventure, but all of us were glad to see Pa and Mama and Winnie home, safe and sound, at 8:00 last night.

Welcome Home, Guys!!


  1. Welcome home, Mr. and Mrs. Wachter and Winnie! I hope you all had a lovely trip. :)

    Elizabeth Rose

  2. It has been great to spend most of the week with you and watch your adventures unfolding each day.

    A job well done, Wachter family!