March 28, 2011

Operation Survival: Day 6

The finish line is in sight... only one full day to go. Pa and Mama will be on a plane home tomorrow night!

Today, though...

Was spy day. 

Get Smart themed.

Agent 13

Agent 99

Agent 23 or (when a KAOS agent is needed), Siegfried.

Agent Q: Chief of CONTROL

Ellie ;}

Agent 44

Agent 86: Maxwell Smart

After school, we cleaned up, had tea, and read our Proverbs for the day.

Then we received a mysterious phone call! A voice on the other end asked: " iz thiz KAOS?"
A few minutes later, the whole gang were dressed to go out, shoes on, and waiting on the porch. The Rutters pulled into the driveway, and we all loaded into the car. We were all told we were being taken to KAOS headquarters, where we would be interrogated...
We were being given a sample of the questions asked when we pulled into the parking lot of Bob Evans. After a delightful supper and dessert, we were dropped off at home, and had a long talk with Pa and Mama, who are now in Miami before bed.

Goodnight to all,


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  2. These pics have been very entertaining! Y'all are too cute :)

  3. I'll keep y'all in mind for if I ever need the secret the hats!

  4. Loved, loved, loved keeping up with you all and your creative ways!!!

  5. These pictures have been so fun to follow! I've continuously looked forward to what the next days theme will be! What awesome sisters you are! So creative :)