March 23, 2011

Operation: Survival

Mission Log

Date: 3.23.11
Time: 2117 hours (that's 9:17 in "people time")

-All alive.

-The house still stands, as of time of writing, that is.

-One or two sore throats, mostly from vocal strain due to the exposition of literature for resting and bedtime. (that would be story hour for the few out of "the know" of Wachter Homeschool)

-Most are happy, except for minor dissension brought on by bedtime protesters.

-The reading of Little House in the Big Woods (by a fresh esophagus) squelched the uprising, and restored least, temporarily. ;}

Outline of the day's events, as far as can be remembered by a slightly frazzled cranium...

7:00 AM  Children awake and report to Pa and Mama's bed, into which four (I'm not telling you which) promptly settled.

7:30 AM  Goodbyes are issued by the troops.

7:35- Parents depart. (The Fun Begins)

Nathaniel, Private 1st Class was the photographer...thus the less-than-perfect quality.
He'll probably get some lessons tomorrow...

8:00- Captain KK, Colonel Nana, and Sergeant Emma make sure that the troops have brushed their teeth, combed their hair, and wore the predetermined uniform of the day- PJ's!  SOME people were not keen on the idea, and THEY actually got dressed. Party poopers! 

8:00- Down to the Mess Hall, which isn't really that messy, for breakfast of sausage on a stick, rolled in pancake batter...the chemical-laden goodness!!!

we balanced the junkfood  protein and starch with some yogurt and all-natural juice boxes, over which Private 3rd class Ellie got a huge kick!

8:35- With chow time over, we hit the books.

sorry about the quality, Mom, I mean, General. Will check up on the camera settings.
10:00 AM- Story time. Need more be said?

this one was hard to get. with one hand, I held the book I was reading to the boys. With the other, I balanced, pointed and took the picture, trying not to distract her from this gripping tale.

see that stack in front of me? that would be progress... all the books we finished!

11:45- Lunch! (yes they sat that long for stories! Who knew reading about China could be so intriguing?

12:20- All the kids partake in a quiz: How is your Spy-Q? Emma won with a top score of 24, Aedan came in second with 22.

12:45- Naptime! Ellie heads for her bed to sleep, and Sam to lie down and listen to Johnathan Park.

1:00- KK reads with the boys, Emma and Nana do their school.

2:00- We all separate  to our own corners... Emma and the boys on their own school, KK and Nana start their science class.

3:00- Playtime!!

4:00- Teatime...Emma makes cocoa. We read Proverbs, and some more geography books.

6:00- Dinner of Hot Pockets... I really slaved over that microwave;}

6:30- We start the movie: 101 Dalmatians.

8:00- Bedtime for boys... KK plays "Little People" with Ellie.

8:10- Ellie is tucked in for the night.

9:00- KK gets a bath, Emma gets a shower, and Nana gets a call from Pa and Mama!

9:30- The girls, minus Ellie-who is by this point fast asleep, watch "Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman"

10:00 the girls are in bed...can't you tell?!

There's your  summary. Here are some pictures that wouldn't fit into the above categories.

The boys show me how they "faint"...looks more like a hockey game gone bad...

Ellie got tired of waiting for lunch about 11:00 AM.
She got her own cup of milk from the fridge and her PB&J from yesterday.

"I've got hap-hap-happy feet!"

Hey, Mama!

Finally! My juice box!!!

Ellie has the camera...

Ellie has the camera...part 2
As you can see, we all look happy, and healthy, and two people either dropped in or called to make sure we were doing okay...

Day 1...done.
Captain Kaitlin
Over and Out

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Have fun, Pa, Mama, and Winnie!!

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  1. Sounds like you are doing a FANTASTIC JOB, Captain Kaitlin! :> )