March 16, 2011

A Prince of A Guy

The other day Elisabeth was helping Allen do some maintenance on our water system.  In the water closet was a huge red bag.  When he moved it out of his way, Ellie asked, "Pa what is that?"

"That is my fencing equipment," he said.

She looked confused and asked again, "Pa, what is in that bag?"

He looked right back at her and said, "You know, my swords."

Now she got it.  She still had one more question, though.  "From when you were a prince?"


  1. Aww. How cute is that!! Love it!

  2. Daddy and his little girl...some things are timeless.

  3. Hey Kat!

    Thanks for stopping by my little place on the web! And I apologize that I didn't respond sooner. My husband thoroughly enjoyed our time at Key West. We were only there for a day before the cruise ship moved on again. The cruise was fabulous from the standpoint of everything being provided (food, etc...) But the beaches are amazing down there and a whole week there would really fly by! :)

    What did you decided to do?