March 14, 2011

Samuel Kindergarten Curriculum

*Preschool Bible Stories
*Beginner Bible Basics
*Bible Stories to Read
*Bible Pictures to Color
*Art and the Bible for Children
*Proverbs People

*Math-U-See Primer

*Jonathan Park
*CSE Earth and Space
*CSE Physical Science
*CSE Biology
*CSE Dinosaurs and the Bible
*Moody Science Classics
*Inventors of the World~Schelssinger Media
*Ranger Rick
*Kids Discover
*Big Back Yard
*God's World K (Abeka)
*Health, Safety and Manners (Abeka)
*Character Development (Abeka)

Other videos and books from the Library as they suited our unit studies

Social Studies
*Social Studies K (Abeka) 
*America Our Great Country (Abeka)
*Kids Discover
*Community Helpers (Abeka)

Language Arts
*Rod and Staff Bible and Nurture Grade 1
*Rod and Staff ABC Series
*Stories and Poems (Calvert)
*My Favorite Kindergarten Poems (Abeka)

*How Great Thou Art - Baby Lambs 
*La Clase Divertida

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